C4 Info

Fireline™ C4 compact plusThe Fireline™ C-4 Compact Plus is our newest cleaning production system and has all the vital elements required for continuous flow production cleaning. The C-4 consists of a pre-washer, ultrasonic cleaner, rinse station, and tunnel dryer. All processing stations operate independently from one another or can be locked together forming a single continuous production line. The C-4 processes is the ideal choice when production is required and space is limited. (110/120 V Operation).

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C-4 Pre-Washer:

Pre-washer ID tank dimensions are 30” x 22” x 20″D. Dual stainless washer bars provide a gentle and effective cyclonic wash activity which quickly removing initial heavy residues from content items. The C-4 also features a filtering system, onboard heater with digital controller, all stainless steel construction with insulated lid and heavy-duty locking casters.

Overall Dimensions 46.5″L x 35.5” W x 35″ H

C-4 1800 Ultrasonic Processor

The ultrasonic cleaner ID tank dimension is 30” x 22” x 20. The C-4 1800  SCU ultrasonic cleaner  is powered  by 2-900 W Sonicpro ultrasonic  generators  featuring Dynamic  Wave  Sweep circuitry  which effectively  eliminating  standing waves and dead zones from the cleaning  bath. Other features include all stainless steel construction, insulated lid, heavy-duty locking casters.

Overall Dimensions 36″L x 35.5” W x 35″ H

C-4 RS 2400 Rinse Station

The RS 2400 rinse station’s ID sink dimension are 30” x 22” x 20″.  This oversize mobile rinse station accommodates two parts baskets simultaneously. The RS 2400 comes with stainless steel basket rack to elevate parts baskets during the rinsing process. The RS 2400 features a premium Danze commercial faucet, all stainless steel construction and heavy-duty locking casters.

Overall Dimensions 36″L x 35.5” W x 35″ H

C-4 Contents Dryer

ID dryer dimensions are 57”L x 24”W . This unique dryer speeds up the production process. The C-4 blower delivers preheated air via two high powered overhead dryers. A conveyor roller pass through design decreases drying time. Drying chamber temperature is regulated by a front mounted digital controller and this unit runs off a 220 V 30 amp circuit. Other features include all stainless steel construction.