Ultrasonic cleaning for 3d printersCompanies and organizations with 3D printers can rely on ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dirt and contamination from various parts and components far faster and more efficiently than traditional cleaning methods. Ultrasonic waves precision clean the most inaccessible areas of delicate printer components removing microscopic contaminants such as skin and fine dust particles. Additionally, safe removal of the 3D object’s modeling support without affecting the filament-printed object is faster and more effective than water sprays or manual scrubbing.

We know that the cleanliness of the parts you process reflects on your business and reputation. Count on us to provide the tools, training, and support you need to maximize your production and profitability.

Ultrasonics International

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Scottsdale AZ 85267


Ultrasonics can clean

  • print heads
  • extruder and nozzles
  • circuit boards
  • arduino electronics
  • controller modules
  • platform surfaces and plates
  • heat beds
  • filament spools
  • power supplies
  • switches
  • cooling fans
  • belts and bearings

Efficiently Removing

  • microscopic dust particles
  • skin particles
  • oils
  • ultrafine particles (UFPs)
  • bacteria
  • wood shavings
  • carbon fibers
  • PLA and ABS filament residues
  • nylon filament residues