Vortex TD-8000 Dryer

TD 8000 High Volume Tunnel Dryer. Designed to keep up with FIRELINE’s high flow production rate the TD 8000 accommodates up to four baskets of contents baskets at a time.

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Exterior Dimensions:
57″L X 24″W X 68″H
Crated Weight 540LBS

  • Tank constructionDouble walled and insulated Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual heaters provide 8000 Watts of Vortexx drying power
    facilitating fast production drying
  • Dual 9 inch fans provide even heat distribution throughout
    the drying chamber for maximum efficiency
  • Digital heat controller with safety shutoff prevents
  • Soft entry/exit dryer panels facilitates continuous flow
    contents production
  • Interior conveyor roller for effortless basket pass thru
  • Convenient Stainless Steel storage shelf

Electrical/Power Specifications

  • 1- 220V Single Phase 50amp outlet
    Plug configuration NEMA 6-50R