ultrasonics cleaning marine industryMarine engine repair, manufacture, and sales companies can rely on ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dirt and contamination so that vessels run better and more efficiently. The marine environment is tough on large and small engine components, but ultrasonic maintenance works on even the most fragile parts. Ultrasonic cleaning is safer for the environment, faster, limits vessel down-time, and extends the life of costly equipment.

We know that the cleanliness of the parts you process reflects on your business and reputation. Count on us to provide the tools, training, and support you need to maximize your production and profitability.

Ultrasonics International

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Ultrasonics can clean

  • valves, pistons, and cylinder heads
  • injectors
  • tooling
  • heat exchangers
  • engine blocks
  • fuel injectors and filters
  • inboard and outboard parts
  • circuit boards and computerized components
  • plastic and rubber molding
  • fabricated and machined parts
  • diesel engine components
  • subassemblies
  • transmissions and drivetrains

Efficiently Removing

  • salt deposits
  • sediment and silt
  • carbons
  • varnishes and paints
  • oil and grease
  • metal shavings
  • lubricants
  • rusts
  • carcinogens
  • molds, mildew, and algae