Sound Solutions from Ultrasonics International Corp. (UIC)

UIC cleaners are known for their performance and reliability characteristics. From ultrasonic benchtop cleaners to heavy duty industrial parts cleaning systems UIC products are built to the highest quality standards, utilizes the latest advancements in ultrasonic component technology.

All stainless steel construction assures ultimate lastability and the utilization of unibody fabrication techniques results in a finished product that is exceptionally clean and sturdy. UIC provides the solution to your most difficult parts cleaning challenges.

UIC Trademarks and Trade Names include Sonic Master, SonicPro and Fireline™ Systems.

UIC Specializes Ultrasonic Cleaning, Pre Loss Restoration, Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners and Industrial Cleaning applications via Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment and Procedure Implementation.

Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions

Ultrasonic cleaning also known as Ultrasonic Cleaning is the perfect choice when restoring delicate items which may otherwise be damaged utilizing traditional cleaning methods. Companies utilizing ultrasonic cleaners are able to realize tremendous cost benefits, because ultrasonic cleaning can do the job faster without creating damage on substrate surfaces. In most cases, an ultrasonic cleaner will remove foreign material from surfaces more effectively than using harsh chemicals or scouring with abrasives. Because ultrasonic cleaning is nondestructive, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the logical choice for most critical cleaning applications. Ultrasonic cleaners have now become commonplace and are utilized for literally thousands of industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

There are a variety of Ultrasonic Cleaners and Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions. Ultrasonic cleaners can be customized to accommodate virtually any cleaning application and the material makeup and contamination level of the parts being cleaned needs to be considered when choosing an ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic cleaning agent.

For most ultrasonic cleaning applications only a gentle green detergent is required. Introducing an ultrasonic cleaning agent into the ultrasonic bath reduces the surface tension of the solution, allowing the ultrasonic cleaner to quickly degas facilitating aggressive capitation which is ideal for Ultrasonic Cleaning.
Common ultrasonic cleaner frequencies range from 25 to 100 kHz. Material type and the contamination type and level must be considered when choosing the frequency and (watts per gallon) power ratio of an ultrasonic cleaner. In some cases, test cleanings need to be conducted to determine the correct combination of these factors. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment options may include onboard solution heaters, spray bars and solution filters, skimmers etc.

The principle behind ultrasonic cleaning is a phenomenon known as cavitation. The ultrasonic cleaner creates millions of microscopic cavitation bubbles or cavities and the aggression or size of the bubbles determined by the cleaner’s frequency. From the moment of creation, these bubbles continually expand and grow to the point where they can no longer tolerate the outside pressure. Eventually these bubbles implode allowing an inrush of fluid, heat and friction.
This action produces a very aggressive cleaning activity which dislodges and carries away contamination from the outside as well as the inside of the items being cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment provides the solution for many difficult cleaning challenges and continued developments in ultrasonic cleaning technology has enhanced cleaning capability. Dynamic wave sweep is one such development, which has improved cleaning performance. By modulating ultrasonic sound waves up and down a predetermined frequency range, cleaning efficiency is enhanced. Wave sweep eliminates standing waves or dead zones from the cleaning tank allowing for more even distribution of energy throughout the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Wave sweep or frequency modulation features should be considered when purchasing ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaners have many advantages over status quo cleaning methods. An ultrasonic cleaner delivers high quality cleaning consistently and dramatically accelerates the cleaning process. In many cases, items that may be considered non-restorable can be effectively cleaned and recovered. Ultra sonic cleaners are making a positive impact on our environment. By re-cleaning, reusing and recycling we are lessening the impact on our landfill sites helping preserve our planet for the next generation. Investing in ultrasonic cleaning equipment is a step in the right direction and many responsible corporate citizens are now investing in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, creating a win-win scenario for all concerned.