There are several different methods of cleaning brass items but the sonic cleaner has become a very popular choice.sonic cleaner The most common types of items cleaned in a sonic cleaner include brass sheets, cartridge cases for ammunition and other miscellaneous brass items. When used correctly, sonic cleaning results in a very deep and thorough clean that could not be accomplished through hand cleaning.

Benefits of cleaning brass with a sonic cleaner

  • The process reaches parts of the brass that are extremely difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods.
    • Every crevice gets completely clean
    • No need to disassemble parts
  • Multiple pieces can be cleaned at once, saving time and money. Follow manufacturer recommendations for maximum pieces in your ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Your brass parts will look like new.

How brass is cleaned with a sonic cleaner

  1. Sonic cleaners come with beakers that sit inside the basin part of the unit. Multiple beakers may be filled at once to enable cleaning many pieces simultaneously. Note that there is no difference when using one beaker compared to multiple as it relates to overall cleaning quality. Make use of the space you have in the sonic cleaner to save on cleaning time by using multiple beakers.
  2. The cleaning solution mix should follow manufacturer recommendations for brass items. Fill beakers roughly halfway to the top and then place the brass parts inside, ensuring that they are completely submerged.
  3. Use your sonic cleaner’s recommended cleaning cycle – often 480 seconds or 8 minutes per cleaning cycle. For optimal cleaning, you may need to run up to three cycles. After the cycles have completed the cleaning solution should be carefully drained, leaving the brass in the beakers.
  4. Next, remove the brass from the beaker and carefully rinse it to remove any residue.
  5. Return brass to the beaker and add distilled water and baking soda.
  6. Run the cleaning cycle once again. After the cleaning cycle has ended carefully drain the water and rinse the brass with fresh distilled water.
  7. Lastly, before drying there is usually a two rinse cycle to finish cleaning. First return the brass items to the beaker and fill the beakers with distilled hot water until they are covered. Set the cleaner to a single cycle. After completion, carefully drain the water. For the second cycle, cover the brass items with distilled room temperature water. Run a final cycle before draining the water again.
  8. Carefully dry the brass with a soft cleaning cloth and return the pieces to storage.

While there is a process to follow, sonic cleaning is ideal for cleaning brass and other parts. If you’re serious about keeping your brass items shiny and looking brand new, investing in a sonic cleaner is advisable.

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